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Wrapping up Technology Goes Beyond Borders Project and Announcing the Winning Team
Armenia | Public Journalism Club
On May 13, at 11:30 a press conference held at Public Journalism Club will summarize the activities of the Technology Goes Beyond Borders (TGBB) project including its three stages-two round of online mentorship and crash course for 6 teams of young startup entrepreneurs from Armenia and Turkey, and the results of the pitching session held on the previous day.

Press conference speakers will include Artashes Vardanyan, head of the acceleration project of the Microsoft Innovation Center, Seda Muradyan, president of the Public Journalism Club, project mentors Arsen Babayan and Nazaret Seferian, and Emre Ozbek and Ashot Arzumanyan, jury members.  They will speak about the project and will announce the winning team and motivational awards. An award ceremony will follow, where four teams will receive prizes in different nominations.


The team that ranked highest on all criteria will be recognized as the winning team and will receive financial support from the European Union funded Support to Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process Programme to implement their business ideas. Motivational awards will be given in three nominations-the best technological solution, the best pitch and the most viable idea.


TGBB kicked off in February and was implemented in three stages. During the first-capacity building stage (23 February -23 March, 2015) the six teams from Armenia and Turkey received online mentorship from Armenian and Turkish experts, who also assessed their needs. The teams then came together at a four day crash course in Armenia (March 26-29), which was followed by another round of online mentorship during which the teams reviewed and finalized their ideas and prepared for the pitching on May 12.  


The project is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Armenia and European Union. It is implemented by the Microsoft Innovation Center and the Public Journalism Club.


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