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Al-monitor: Turkey considers citizenship for heirs of displaced Armenians
It has been revealed, after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's condolence message to the grandchildren of people who lost their lives during the Armenian genocide, that the government was preparing to take another significant step: Granting citizenship rights to grandchildren of Armenians killed or deported is on the agenda. Foreign Ministry officials have confirmed that preparations were in progress. Officials said, “The government is looking favorably to grant Turkish citizenship rights to succeeding generations of Armenians who have lost their citizenship, if they so wish. Preparatory work is in progress.”

Offering citizenship to Armenians was first discussed at a meeting in Ankara last January and was reported by Taraf. At the “Looking at Hrant Dink Assassination from 2015 Perspective Forum” organized by the Ankara Freedom of Opinion Initiative and the Western Armenians National Congress, a proposal was aired to issue Turkish identity cards and passports to diaspora Armenians who wish to have them.

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