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Journalists from Armenia and Turkey will come together to launch "Neighbors by Destiny" project
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In November 2014, a group of journalists, photographers and translators from Armenia and Turkey will visit Van and Diyarbekir, Turkey to collect information about families historically living in that area through interviews and filming. and collecting information.within the framework of "Neighbors by Destiny" project.

"Neighbors by Destiny" is a grant project funded under “Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process” Grant Scheme component and is implemented by “Journalists for the Future” (JFF) NGO.

The project supports a group of journalists from Armenia and Turkey to collect and share stories of people living in neighbouring Armenian, Turkish and Kurdish communities in order to promote reconciliation between the peoples of Armenia and Turkey.

Six multimedia stories about 12 families from Armenia and Turkey whose ancestors witnessed the atrocities against the humanity in the beginning of the 20th century in the Ottoman Empire will be produced as a result of “Neighbors by Destiny" project.


These materials will be published on JFF and websites.

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