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New Opportunities for Armenia-Turkey Travels and Fellowship Schemes
Armenia | Hrant Dink Foundation
Hrant Dink Foundation is cordially inviting representatives of human rights organisations and rights activists to take part in a briefing on Armenia-Turkey Travel Grant and Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme.

The Hrant Dink Foundation has been working actively to promote direct communication and cooperation between the two countries in various fields, in relience on the potential of civil society, while remaining completely independent of political developments.


With this in mind, the Foundation launched Armenia-Turkey Travel Grant in 2014 and Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme, as part of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process Programme, supported by the European Union.  


The briefing will take place on February 13, at 14:00 in Human Rights House Yerevan (located at: 119/2 Hovsep Emin Str.)

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