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Film screening: "Aygestan" by Duygu Bostancı
Armenia |
Come say goodbye to Nest Artists Residency and Community Centerresident Duygu Bostancı and watch her film "Aygestan" at ICA Yerevan's cosy garden. Duygu is here as a fellow at Institute of Contemporary Arts and this screening is made possible thanks to the support of the Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme established by the Hrant Dink Foundation within the framework of the programme Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process – Stage II financed by the European Union.'

She had been making a research on the traditional dances of Armenia and Turkey. Based on those, she created a contemporary performance in collaboration with the ICA. Except being a contemporary dancer she is also a photographer and video maker.

During her stay in Armenia, Duygu has writen a personal blog to share her experience with people from Turkey. By sharing this experience she wanted to fill in the blanks about Armenia in the minds of people from Turkey. With this film she is summarizing her blog to share all those experinces with people from Armenia and with larger audience. The film is not just about living in Armenia but is also closely related to life itself.

April 25 at 7:30 PM - 10 PM

ICA Yerevan
48 Fizkulturnikneri, Aygestan 5th street, 0040 Yerevan, Armenia


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