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Developing Alternative Teaching Modules for the History Education in Armenia and Turkey
Grantee: History Foundation (TR)
Partners: Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation (USA) Association of Young Historians (ARM)
Duration: 6 months
Budget: € 19,995

The project will contribute to challenging the image of enemy and the current exclusivist narratives that the history education in Armenia and Turkey promotes. This will be achieved through promoting a dialogue and networking between historians and educators from Armenia and Turkey. The grantee, History Foundation, will partner with Imagine Center for Conflict Transformationand Association of Young Historians to engage teachers, students, methodologists and other stakeholders in the process of a critical assessment of the current state of history education and production of alternative educational materials. The project will bring together 10-15 high school students from each country and organize in-country workshops and local network meetings that will review the ‘History Education in Schools in Turkey and Armenia: A Critique and Alternatives’ book that was published by the grantee in 2017 within the framework of ATNP programme. After analysing the results of the meetings, 12 network members will meet in Istanbul for a 3-day workshopto jointly develop three new teaching modules. Each module will consist of one teaching method and two parallel teaching materials for Armenia and Turkey. The modules will be disseminated among wider educational and academic communities. The project will result in empowering and engaging civil society actors from Armenia and Turkey in a dialogue that may eventually transform the adversarial positions within the two societies regarding the painful pages of the common history.   

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