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Best Practices in Plastic Waste Management between Armenia - and Turkey-based CSOs and Practitioners
Grantee: The Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (ARM)
Partner: Union of Diyarbakir Young Businessmen (TR)
Duration: 6 months
Budget: € 19,479

The project will contribute to the development of cooperation between environmentalists, waste management practitioners, businesses and local authorities of the two countries through sharing best practicesin plastic waste management. The grantee, Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development in partnership with the Union of Diyarbakir Young Businessmen will organize a 1-day workshop in Diyarbakir with participation of 20 representatives of local authorities, plastic waste management practitioners, environmental CSOs, businesses in the field of plastic waste separation and recycling from Armenia and Turkey. The workshop will be followed by a study visit to Plastic Waste Recycling Plant in Diyarbakir. Based on the results of the workshop and study visit the grantee will produce a booklet on the best practices of plastic waste management in Armenia and Turkey. The project will result in an increased awareness of stakeholders of the plastic waste management practiced on the other side of the border, as well as will provide an opportunity for networking between practitioners and businesses focusing on plastic waste management. Representatives of local authorities may consider replicating the best practices in plastic waste management in their own communities.

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