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Under the Same Sun
Grantees: Ayrudzi NGO (ARM), Troya Environmental Association (TR)
Duration: 6 months
Budgets: € 7,565 (Ayrudzi NGO); € 12,870 (Troya Environmental Association)

The project will contribute to a cross-border dialogue between Armenia and Turkey through engaging engineers, researchers, investors and businesses in cooperation around renewable energy issues. The implementers, Ayrudzi NGO and Troya Environmental Association, will install the Armenia-produced 3kW solar power plants on the roofs of Ayrudzy Riding Club in Ashtarak, Armenia, and Gülpınar village guesthouse in Canakkale, Turkey. Apart from complementing the electricity needs of the two sites and reducing their carbon emission, the project will raise the awareness of the efficiency of solar energy use among Gülpınar villagers and hundreds of parents visiting Ayrudzi Riding Club with their children. The grantees will also hold a meeting in Armenia with participation of Armenia- and Turkey-based practitioners and proponents of the renewable energy. The grantees will also present their collaboration to the 3rdInternational Conference of Renewable Energy Cooperatives in Canakkale, Turkey. The results of the project will be summarized in a three-language (Arm-Turk-Eng) one-pager to be distributed among stakeholders in Armenia, Turkey and abroad. The project will open-up a new niche of renewable energy for collaboration between professionals from Armenia and Turkey, which will result in the best practice exchange and establishment of long-term human and professional relations. 

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