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Sub-grant Scheme (EPF; Consortium)
Armenia, Turkey | Anadolu Kültür, Hrant Dink Foundation, Public Journalism Club, The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, Regional Studies Center, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Citizens’ Assembly, Civilitas Foundation
Sub-grant scheme aims to engage a larger group of beneficiaries/stakeholders in the programme activities ensuring a wider engagement of civil society actors in the Armenia-Turkey dialogue.

The activity will support a series of sub-grant projects that may or may not engage partners from the other side (Armenia or Turkey) and offer new (innovative) ideas in promoting the normalization between the two countries. This may include ideas that promote economic/business collaboration and cooperation and best practice exchange in protection of the rights of the disabled. All supported projects will adhere to the principles of gender equality and inclusive participation. They will increase the impact and visibility of ATNP and other confidence-building initiatives between the two countries.

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