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Ahmet Tunç's Visit to Yerevan
Armenia | Hrant Dink Foundation
Ahmet Tunç (Turkey, Ankara) will leave for Yerevan on January 15. A 20-day trip aims at taking part in an AIESEC Armenia event on raising awareness on intercultural learning among high school students.

Ahmet Tunç is a student at Bilkent University and a volunteer at AIESEC Turkey. The visit to Armenia will be supported with the Armenia-Turkey Travel Grant (the 9th Round).

In 2016-2017, Hrant Dink Foundation administers the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant with the financial assistance of the European Union within the framework of the programme Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process – Stage II in collaboration with the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) and Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO (YIC) in Armenia.

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