European Union Initiative
Call for Applicants Summer School - "Yavaş-Gamats 2016"
Turkey | Citizens’ Assembly

1-7 August 2016 in Istanbul


Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (hCa) in Istanbul, Turkey & Vanadzor, Armenia organise Yavas-Gamats Summer Schools for teachers and teacher candidates from Armenia and Turkey. The 7-day programme includes thematic lectures by scholars from a range of disciplines, authors, journalists and film-makers from Armenia and Turkey. A major part of the program is made up of workshops, roundtable discussions, group work sessions, a language “crash-course” in Armenian/Turkish and film screenings aimed to widen the perspectives of participants, while strengthening their skills in conflict transformation.

Who can apply?


→ Teachers in active, professional practice up to 5 years, in primary & secondary education (class teachers or branch teachers)
→ University Students in the Education Faculties
from Armenia and Turkey.

Event Calendar
On September 13, 2018, Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (UFSD) hosted a workshop on “Exchange of Best Practices in Plastic Waste Management between Armenia- and Turkey-based CSOs and Practitioners.” Armenian and Turkish partners organize Plastic Waste Management workshop in Yerevan
Armenia-Turkey Highlights