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Climbing the Mountain: Cengiz Çandar and Ted Bogosian will share with us their personal journeys
Civilitas Foundation
Armenian and Turkish societies still perceive each other either solely through the prism of history, or based on myths and lack of knowledge.

Any cross-border dialogue that takes place is limited to a recurring group of a few hundred individuals. Their relationship and discussions are not amplified among the respective publics.
This program places a pair of individuals, one from each society, to engage in a moderated conversation about their “personal journeys” dealing with historic and political tensions and their own views on the way forward.
Ted Bogosian is an American-born documentary filmmaker. He traveled to Mardin 25 years ago to prepare the documentary, AN ARMENIAN JOURNEY.
Cengiz Çandar is a journalist and public intellectual, a personal friend of Hrant Dink, and a consistent civic voice advocating more open exploration of the past and consideration for the future. He has lived and worked in Lebanon  and is familiar with Armenian Diaspora sentiments. 

Monday, 22nd of June, 2015, Talk: 19:00 Cocktail: 21:00
Boghossian Foundation - Villa Empain, Avenur Franklin Roosvelt 67 - 1050 Brussels

The Villa Empain is an art center, in Brussels, established by the Boghossian Foundation. The mission of Villa Empain is to serve as a center for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West. 

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