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Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform: Workshop in Istanbul
Turkey | Anadolu Kültür
On April 10-12, 2017, as part of the ATNP2 Programme, Anadolu Kültür will conduct a workshop in Istanbul within ATNP’s “Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform” (ATCP) project with participation of 10 filmmakers from Turkey, Armenia, and Diaspora.

The workshop has been specifically designed to coincide with the International Istanbul Film Festival. The ATCP, established in 2008 as the first cultural network between the two countries, continues as a co-production and communication initiative aiming to develop close cooperation and links between the two societies by supporting and promoting films and filmmakers from Armenia, Turkey, and the Diaspora. So far, the ATCP supported a production of 18 films addressing the issue of Armenian-Turkish relations: 11 of them are finished, five are in production. Most of these films are available here.


The workshop will consist of trainings, presentations, one to one meetings and project pitches. The participating 10 filmmakers will present their projects to an international jury composed of Turkey- and Armenia-based and international film industry professionals. The winner will be awarded a prize of EUR 7,500 from the budget of the ATNP2 Programme. The workshops will also provide a venue for the demonstration of some of the ATCP-supported films.

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