European Union Initiative
Contemporary Dance Short Films Screening
Armenia |
There aren't many platforms to see dance films. Let's come together and watch short dance films from all over the world. Let's remember the power of the movement. Most of the films are from Cinedans annual festival that takes place in the Netherlands.

The event will be hosted by Nest Artists Residency and Community Center resident Duygu Bostancı from Turkey, who is a contemporary dancer and a videographer. She is here as an a fellow in Hrant Dink Foundation and this screening is made possible thanks to the support of the Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme established by the Hrant Dink Foundation within the framework of the programme Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process – Stage II financed by the European Union.


The event will take place on February 17th, at 8pm, at ICA premises (address 48 Fizkulturnikneri, Aygestan 5th street, 0040 Yerevan, Armenia). More information about the event can be found under the following link

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