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Forum Theatre NGO: Cross-cultural Bridge between the Youth of Armenia and Turkey
Forum Theatre aims to contribute to the increased mutual understanding and tolerance between the youth of Armenia and Turkey through the means of art and culture. The grantee, Forum Theatre NGO (Armenia), in partnership with the Turkey-based Dynamic Development Association in Istanbul and Kulp Gençlik Girişimi in Diyarbakır, will use the methods of interactive theatre and simulation game as a tool for civic education and engagement with regard to the Armenia-Turkey relations.

The partners will engage Turkey- and Armenia-based young artists in a series of in-country and joint workshops and performances.  These performances will be attended by hundreds of people in Armenia and Turkey, and will become a suitable platform to effectively exchange information and come to common terms on issues of mutual concern related to the Armenia-Turkey issue.  The project will encourage the participating young people to think in broader terms, and will finally enhance their ability to tolerate an alternative view on the issue of common concern.

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