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History Foundation
The project aims to promote Armenia-Turkey normalisation through building collaboration between historians and history educators from the two countries.

This will be achieved through elaboration on an alternative history narrative on relations between Armenians and Turks, and the engagement of university students and faculty and other professional groups in the process. The grantee, History Foundation (Turkey), in cooperation with the Association of Young Historians (Armenia) and Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation (US) will create a network of 12 historians and history educators from Armenia and Turkey, and organize a 4-day dialogue and capacity building workshop.


The group will conduct an analysis of history textbooks in terms of mutual historical narratives, and recommend conceptual alternatives to the existing models. This joint work will result in a paper offering an analysis of possible obstacles and opportunities in the process of building a joint narrative on Turkish-Armenian history teaching.


Overall, the project will help to challenge the enemy image of each other in the history textbooks in Armenia and Turkey, and will advocate for conflict-sensitive and inclusive approaches in the normalisation process between the two countries.


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