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Increasing Understanding of Turkey
Armenian-Turkish Protocols. Reflections 7 Years later

CivilNet journalist Tatul Hakobyan speaks about the Armenian-Turkish protocols, which were signed in 2009, October 10th.

Erdogan refuses Lausanne? Turkey this week

The tombstone of Balian family, who were palac architects during Ottoman empire, opened in Surb Khach cemetery in Istanbul. Erzurum Ataturk University history Professor Savas Egilmez was angered by "Welcome to Armenia" GSM operator sms message during his visit to Ani.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's words about the Treaty of Lausanne caused a stir in the country.

Aleppo Armenians and Armenia through Turkish journalist's eye

Turkish journalist Serdar Korucu is in Armenia and conducted a study about Aleppo Armenians that found shelter in Armenia after the Syrian crisis. He also tells of his feelings in Armenia.

From Terrorists to Coup Organizers. Armenians in the Turkish press

According to Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, the military coup in Turkey aimed to divide Turkey and create two states, Armenia and Kurdistan. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also remembered the Armenians. Winners of the International Hrant Dink Award are announced.

German missionaries Unknown to History.

Turkologist Hayk Martirosyan has authored a book titled "German missionary activity in the Ottoman Empire: Marash Station (1896-1919) ." Hearing about the Hamid massacres, German missionaries, despite the difficulties, flowed to the Armenian regions, implementing both humanitarian mission and a mission to spread Protestantism. 

Turkey Under the Lens. Weekly Review

Turkish newspapers write about the expected changes in the government. A book was published in Turkey that tells about the Armenians of Sebastia, including Islamized Armenians of the region. Hundreds of writers, historians and actors of the world, including Armenians, urged Turkey to release recently illegally detained writers in the country.

Taner Akcam's book titled “Forced Islamization of Armenians” translated in Armenian

Turkologist Meline Anumyan has translated Turkish Historian Taner Akcam's book titled “Forced Islamization of Armenians: Silence, Denial and Assimilation” into Armenian. It newly reveals the policy of forcible Islamization of the Armenians during the Armenian Genocide years. In the first part, Akcam writes about how he, despite death threats, continued to engage in scientific research on the Armenian Genocide.

Turkey and Armenians this week

Interesting videos on Hrant Dink trial emerged. The House of Lords, London, hosted an Armenian-Kurdish forum discussing the issue of strengthening the Armenian-Kurdish relations. A journalist with Armenian roots Hayko Baghdad tries to receive his money back from the Mayor of Ankara.

Turkey and the Islamic state will no longer be "contiguous". Weekly Review

Turkish Anadolu news agency reports that Turkey has cleaned up its borders from terrorists of the Islamic State. Erdogan met with Obama and Putin in China. Armenian Catholic Church in Diyarbakir, which had suffered great damage as a result of Turkish-Kurdish clashes, will be restored.

From "Euphrates shield" to Putin's canceled visit. Weekly Review

Turkey invaded Syria: Strong Kurds on the Turkish-Syrian border are unacceptable for Ankara. Russian President Vladimir Putin will not visit Antalia. Turkish Minister of Economy expresses wish to join the Eurasian Economic Union.

What is Turkey searching for in Syria?

The Turkish army invaded Syria on August 24, stating that it’s carrying out an operation against the terrorist group of the Islamic State. Orientalist Sargis Grigoryan says Syrian Kurds are Turkey's main target, not the Islamic state.

Another terrorism in Turkey. Weekly Review

On August 20, in Gaziantep, Aintab, a suicide bomber blew herself up during a wedding, killing 54 people. In Sourp Stepanos Armenian Church in Istanbul ten residents of Dersim were baptized and became Christian.   

Turkey's Role in Karabakh Issue

CivilNet analyst Tatul Hakobyan speaks about the past and the present position of Turkey on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. He believes that Turkey will not make a step towards normalization of relations with Armenia while the Karabakh conflict remains unsolved.

Erdogan-Putin Rapprochement and the Karabakh Issue

The August 9 meeting between the presidents of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced a new beginning in bilateral relations. Turkey wants to engage in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement process, Armenia is against it.

Ahead of Putin-Erdogan meeting. Weekly Review

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is expected to meet Turkey's president  Recep Tayyip Erdogan on August 9. An Armenian, claimed to be "fethullahist", fired from his job in Turkey. New arrests on Hrant Dink case.

Western Armenia. Unquenchable Interest

Turkologist Gevorg Petrosyan often visits Western Armenia. He tells about the conflicting emotions that the pilgrims feel, and how they're met by the locals.

The Army under Erdogan's Control. Weekly Review

Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes control over army into his hands. The Leader of the Islamic Movement, Fethullah Gülen, denies involvement in military coup attempt. Some people in Turkey attribute Armenian origin to him.

Armenia -Turkey Relations and Erdogan's Turkey

ENG Director of the Oriental Studies Institute of National Academy of Sciences, Ruben Safrastyan spoke to CivilNet about the prospects of Armenia-Turkey relations. Referring to developments taking place in the neighboring country, the expert believes that in the future we will see new Turkey, which will be not Ataturk's Turkey but Erdogan's Turkey.

State of emergency in Turkey. Weekly Review

After a military coup attempt in Turkey there are both celebrations of victory on one hand, and mass arrests, violence and torture on the other. According to Turkish Hurriyet daily, Turkey recently considered a normalization of relations with Armenia.

Democracy did not win in Turkey

Turkish studies expert Vahram Ter-Matevosyan in an interview with CivilNet talks about Turkey's military coup attempt of July 15. According to him, the incident was not a victory of democracy, and Turkey is headed to hard times are ahead.

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