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The aim of the project is to contribute to the dialogue among Turkey- and Armenia-based CSOs and educational institutions aimed at the promotion of an inclusive discourse regarding democratization and peacebuilding issues.

The grantee, Karakutu CSO in collaboration with the Institute of Public Policy (Armenia) and Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation (US) will organize an exchange programme for young people and students from Armenia and Turkey to promote dialogue and professional interaction among the students from both countries.


The participants will be given opportunity to explore peacebuilding and democratization issues pertinent to Armenia-Turkey normalisation process covering topics of nationalism, identity, conflicts in multi-ethnic societies, historical narratives, individual/collective memory as well as history education in post-conflict societies. In addition, the grantee will organize two memory walks in Istanbul and Yerevan, which will allow the participants discover both cities from the perspective of the marginalized voices of the past.

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Translating Turkish prose into Armenian: another way of dialogue