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The Earth Association: Platform for Young Environmentalists in Turkey and Armenia
To contribute to the normalisation of relations between the peoples of Armenia and Turkey through addressing issues of common environmental concern at the grassroots level.The grantee, The Earth Association (Turkey) in partnership with the Forum for the 21st Century Leaders (Armenia), will further develop professional and human contacts between young environmental activists from Armenia and Turkey through exchange visits, joint discussions and networking.

In particular, the grantee will establish a 3-lingual web-page of the project; support a group of 16 young environmentalists from Armenia and Turkey to participate in a regional training in environmental issues; support 14 young environmentalists from Armenia and Turkey to participate in two 4-day exchange study visits; and produce an evaluation booklet featuring the opinions of the project participants.

The project might result in a good deal of the participants engaging in decision-making on environmental issues at the local, national or international levels.

Event Calendar
On September 13, 2018, Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (UFSD) hosted a workshop on “Exchange of Best Practices in Plastic Waste Management between Armenia- and Turkey-based CSOs and Practitioners.” Armenian and Turkish partners organize Plastic Waste Management workshop in Yerevan
Armenia-Turkey Highlights