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Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant & Fellowship Scheme: Infographic
Armenia, Turkey | Hrant Dink Foundation

So many challenges, wonders and revelation beyond numbers. These infographic tell us some incredible stories about curious people who covered 544,854 km in total visiting 16 different cities in a year; who visited their neighbouring country to exchange ideas, expertise and do collaboration; who started to learn a new language completely new to them, and to investigate a new culture unknown to them.


With a view to encourage and facilitate direct contact and cooperation between the peoples of the two neighbouring countries, Hrant Dink Foundation established the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant and Fellowship Scheme. The info graphs illustrate the outcomes of both programmes, covering the efforts of all the people and organisations who have shuttled between Turkey and Armenia throughout 2014 and 2015, striving to bring Armenia and Turkey closer. By crossing both physical and mental borders, they have built many bridges and formed irreversible bonds.


To reach out to the personal stories of these individuals and read more about the initiatives, please click here.

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