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Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development: Alternative Housing Solution for the Earthquake-displaced in Van, Turkey
"Alternative Housing Solution for the Earthquake-displaced in Van, Turkey" project aims to contribute to the normalisation of Armenia-Turkey relations through the development of cooperation between housing professionals from the two countries. The grantee, Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (USDF), will transfer the know-how of the housing purchase certificates (HPC) model to stakeholders in Turkey, which will offer an effective and efficient method to address housing needs of the earthquake-affected and other socially-vulnerable households in Turkey.

In particular, UFSD experts will meet with their Turkey-based counterparts representing local governments and expert communities to provide further detail on the methodology of the existing housing models, and discuss the opportunity for the adaption of any of the models in Turkey. In addition, the representatives of the Municipality of Van and a group of experts from Turkey will have an opportunity to visit Armenia to observe the successful application of the alternative housing models in Armenia.


The grantee will also elaborate and publish an HPC Implementation Guide. The project will open-up a dialogue between housing experts and relevant representatives of local authorities from Armenia and Turkey, which might extend to other professional areas.



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