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Vahram Danielyan/Alina Poghosyan
The aim of the project is to contribute to scientific research and initiation of dialogue between the researchers from Armenia and Turkey specializing in the issues of urban space and peculiarities of diversity of cities.

The proposed project will support raising awareness about the cities where Armenians and Turks used to live together in the past, such as Istanbul, Kars, Diyarbakir, etc. through online publications of articles and essays on the practices of sharing common urban space. Materials developed within the project will also help to unfold new insights, open new perspectives on the practices of negotiation of cultural, historical and political differences and contribute to Armenia-Turkey normalisation process. 


Upon the completion of project, most of the published (online) essays and articles will be collected, translated from Armenian/Turkish to English and compiled into a single book publication.


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Translating Turkish prose into Armenian: another way of dialogue