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“Closed Border Dialogue” documentary screened in Istanbul
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On January 16, the hall of the History Foundation of Turkey (Tarih Vakfi) hosted the screening of the Turkish-language version of “Closed Border Dialogue,” a documentary film produced by Versus Studio.


Before the screening, the executive director of the History Foundation, Munnever Eminoglu spoke of his collaboration with Versus Studio during the creation of the film. He then gave the floor to the newly-elected Chairperson of the History Foundation Işık Tamdoğan, the author of the film’s screenplay Tigran Paskevichyan, who had been invited to Istanbul on that occasion, and the project consultant, photographer and director Mesut Yasahr Tufan.


After the screening of the film, the editor of the Istanbul-based newspaper Jamanak, Ara Gochunian ran a panel discussion with the participation of the previous Chairperson of the History Foundation Bulent Bilmez, past ambassadors Volkan Vural and Ünal Çeviköz, journalist and head of the news section at the Turkish channel NTV, Mete Çukbukçu.


The discussion participants highly acclaimed the documentary created through the joint effort of the Armenian and Turkish professionals, emphasizing its relevance and objectivity, and spoke on the perspectives of normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations and the opening of the border.


In order to participate in the film screening, Mustatha Ozkan and Eli Ulken, officials from the Central Department for Analysis and Security at the MFA of Turkey, arrived in Istanbul from Ankara. Arsen Avagyan, permanent representative of the Republic of Armenia to the BSEC, was also present.


This documentary film was produced in the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process program. Responsibility for the content of the film lies with Versus Studio LLC. The content of the film may not reflect the views of the European Union or the other partner organizations participating in the program.


The links below provide the articles published in the Istanbul-based newspaper Jamanak on this occasion.




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