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Exchange of Art Historians and Architecture Experts
Armenia, Turkey | Anadolu Kültür, Eurasia Partnership Foundation
The Exchange of Art Historians and Architecture Experts project aims to create scientific cooperation for proper restoration of monuments bearing testimony to the Armenian cultural heritage in Turkey. Previously, a few such monuments that Turkey’s government rehabilitated were restored solely by the Turkish experts with no engagement of Armenian specialists.

Despite the fact that recently there is more mention of Armenia and Armenians, there is no explicit mention that the restored monuments were created by the Armenians except the name of dynasties.  Some of these monuments are presented to the world as the heritage of the “Ottoman Empire” or “Anatolian medieval architectural monuments” with no mention of their Armenian origin.


Given the lack of official relations between the two countries, EPF and Anadolu Kültür’s contribution could be instrumental in bringing together art historians and architecture / restoration experts and other relevant specialists from Armenia and Turkey to further support the restoration of Armenian cultural heritage in Turkey.


As part of the activity, a group Armenian architecture experts will visit Turkey and will travel to the eastern part of Turkey, and a group of experts from Turkey will visit Armenia. EPF and Anadolu Kültür will manage the logistics and the programme of the visits, and will make sure that in both Armenia and Turkey the visitors have an opportunity to have meetings and discussions with stakeholders (local and national, state and non-state), as well as site-visits to a number of culturally significant sites.


The exchange will facilitate formal and informal contacts between art historians and architecture experts from Turkey and Armenia, and will create a foundation for proper rehabilitation of Armenian cultural heritage in Turkey.


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