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Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform’s 2014 Award Goes to The Oud Maker
Anadolu Kültür
Accepting 12 different projects from Turkey, Armenia and the diaspora, the Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform, in its 10th meeting, has evaluated the projects over the workshop held in Istanbul for three days.


The international jury of the workshop has granted the award worth 10 000 USD to the project entitled The Oud Maker by Eric Nazarian.


A second award from the Platform came from the Optical Art of Hamburg. Optical Art, granted the award of 3000 Euros to the project After This Day by Nigol Bezjian.


The jury also awarded Arthur Sukiasyan with his film Our Atlantis who applied to the Platform in July, 2013, with 10,000 USD.


The award ceremony took place at a happy hour organized within the 33rd International Istanbul Film Festival.


Out of the 37 submitted applications, the Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform invited 12 projects to attend the Film Support Fund meeting that has taken place between April 14-16, in Istanbul.


The 12 projects were evaluated by an international jury consisting of the Hamburg Film Festival Director Albert Wiederspiel, producer and director Melek Ulagay, film scholar Melis Behlil, director Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun, producer Enis Köspeten, the artistic director of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival Susanna Harutyunyan and director of the Media Initiative Center Nouneh Sarkissian.


Eric Nazarian will start the shootings of his film The Oud Maker with a crew from Turkey in the fall of 2014. The shootings will take place in Turkey and New York. Nigol Bezjian’s After This Day will begin its shootings at the end of 2014 both in Beirut and Turkey.


In the meanwhile, Devrim Akkaya’s documentary Diyar that received Platform’s 2012 Film Support Fund was premiered on the eve of April 16th, within the 33rd International Istanbul Film Festival. 



Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform’s 2014 activities took place within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Normalisation Process programme, funded by the European Union.



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