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Exchange of Painters
Anadolu Kültür, Public Journalism Club
Culture is one of the possible tracks for promoting dialogue between the societies of Armenia and Turkey. More specifically, artistic activity can help an effective interchange since it does not need translation and mediation, and it transmits messages and creates bonds using the universal language of art.

With this in mind the Public Journalism Club in partnership with Anadolu Kultur are lauching the “Exchange of painters” project focusing on the role of art in developing Armenia-Turkey relations. 


Under this project, PJC and Anadolu Kultur will organize two exchange visits for painters from Armenia and Turkey. Each exchange visit will last eight days. Visits will take place in September 2014.


Each exchange will include joint flash-mob style painting sessions in open-air studios in busy public spaces.


The paintings drawn during the outdoor studios-events will be placed in a 2015 calendar.


Participant painters will take 2-3 own paintings to the partner country, which will be featured during a joint exhibition in the beginning of the project both in Yerevan and Istanbul. In Armenia and Turkey respectively, the art colleges and art salons will host series of workshops/master classes on art that will be delivered by painters. During those visits, discussions will be conducted on the trends and issues of contemporary art and the environment both in Armenia and Turkey.


Five artists from Armenia and five from Turkey will be selected via open call and based on their applications. Open call announcements will be disseminated prior the exchange visits.


All the costs related to the project (travel, visa, accommodation, food) will be arranged and covered by the organizers.

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