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Regional Studies Center (RSC)
As an integral component of our broader Turkey-related activities and research, the RSC implements the following specific projects within the ATNP programme:
Yavas Gamats
Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly has been running Yavaş-Gamats since 2014 within the scope of ATNP.
The Civilitas Foundation
The Civilitas Foundation through its CivilNet Media platform produces weekly wrap-up videos on political, economic, social and cultural events in Turkey that are directly or indirectly related to Armenia-Turkey relations. In addition to presenting news and events, the program also provides contextual background to the topics.
Field Oriented Workshops
The workshops will focus on the prospects for future cooperation and collaboration between the two neighbouring countries, and thus contribute to the inclusive and collective design and development of project ideas for follow-up initiatives.
Dialogue Programmes
Dialogue Programmes aim to enhance new cooperation areas and further develop institutional ties between experts, NGOs, institutions and universities of both countries through a tailor made programme.
Turkey – Armenia Short-term Fellowship Scheme
Enables the professionals to follow a programme at a specific host organization and exchange expertise in the neighbouring country. The fellows conduct research and initiate projects in the fields such as academia, civil society, journalism, and health care, IT in which long lasting cooperation is needed.
Turkey – Armenia Travel Grant
Travel Grant aims to encourage non-profit civic initiatives and people of all ages, professions and backgrounds ranging from youth and volunteering to human rights and democracy, education to environment, history to culture and arts, development to sports, to visit the neigbouring country and meet one another.
Sub-grant Scheme (EPF; Consortium)
Sub-grant scheme aims to engage a larger group of beneficiaries/stakeholders in the programme activities ensuring a wider engagement of civil society actors in the Armenia-Turkey dialogue.
‘1.5 Track Diplomacy’ Event (EPF)
1.5 Track Diplomacy is a one-day round-table discussion to enhance the programme’s visible policy impact through the engagement of policy-makers in more open policy discussions at the Track 1.5 and Track 2 Diplomacy levels.
‘Think Future’ Event (EPF; Consortium)
‘Think Future’ event aims at gathering the ANTP beneficiaries and stakeholders to brainstorm on ideas for the future programming of Armenia-Turkey dialogue which will be backed by wide range of stakeholders involved in Armenia-Turkey dialogue initiatives.
Follow-up Support to Sub-grants and Other Beneficiaries (EPF; Consortium)
EPF and the Consortium will provide a small-scale support to ensure follow up funding to some of the crucially important developments from ATNP’s Sub-grant Scheme and other components/activities of ATNP’s previous stages.
Social Entrepreneurship Partnership Project
PJC and TEPAV will be closely working with SE industry representatives and experts on both sides to produce a Social Impact Measurement Toolkit (SIMT) for current and future social entrepreneurs in Armenia to benefit from using the readily-available SIMT developed by Mikado Consultancy SE ad KUSIF of Koc University (Turkey) in Turkey.
Mush Assessment Report of the Architectural Cultural Heritage (Anadolu Kültür, EPF)
Anadolu Kültür and EPF will initiate the process of scientifically documenting the present condition of monuments comprising the Armenian cultural heritage in Mush region, assessing the risk, and contributing to extending their lifespan.
Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform
Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform aims to encourage filmmakers from both countries as well as the diaspora to come together, think together and produce together.
Economic Opportunity Analysis
The closed border between Armenia and Turkey does not completely halt bilateral economic relations, the enhancement of which can enlarge and empower the pro-normalization constituencies on the both sides of the border.
Empowering Youth
The potential transformative power of the youth as an agent of change has long been recognized as a crucial element of Armenian-Turkish normalization, with a number of important and largely successful youth exchange initiatives between Armenia and Turkey, many of which were supported by a range of international donors.
Supporting the Policy Process
Given the lack of bold ideas and apparent absence of any sustained strategic vision to resume the official normalization process, the RSC plans to expand its effort in support of the “policy process,” through the formulation and presentation of formal and informal policy ideas, initiatives and recommendations.
Media Support
In order to address the limited and somewhat superficial media coverage on both sides, this media support effort seeks to provide more objective information and analysis of a wider range of relevant issues in order to raise awareness, improve public education and elevate the discourse of developments in Turkey and Armenia.
The trilingual website of the Program
Public Journalism Club will continue to manage the trilingual website of the Program, being responsible for its technical maintenance and the full administration of its content.
Exchange of Entrepreneurs
The Public Journalism Club and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) will continue carrying out the Exchange of Entrepreneurs component under the “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” (ATNP) Program.
Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant
Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant will continue to support at least 180 individuals from Armenia and Turkey to travel to the neighbouring country for their activities and studies in various thematic fields.
Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme
Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme was launched by the Hrant Dink Foundation in 2014 with a view to promote cross-border affiliation and cooperation of professionals from the two neighbouring countries.
Teachers, the largest and an immediate stakeholder group of practitioners in the formal education system, are indeed potentially key actors in any societal transformation process, for better or for worse.
Track 1.5 Diplomacy
The activity will look at the prospects of Turkey-Armenia normalization through the prism of a constructive engagement of these two countries in issues of regional concern.
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Balat: Living Together Call for Contribution: Researching the memory of the peaceful dwelling experience in the multicultural community in Balat, Istanbul
The Cultural and Social Narratives Laboratory NGO (CSN Lab.) together with the City Detective - Palimpsest Center for Space and Memory call for academic contributions to the “Balat: Living Together” project that aims at researching the peaceful dwelling experiences and the memory of multicultural community in Balat district, Istanbul, Turkey.
Civil society during and after the pandemic – 5: How does it affect human rights?
"Civil society during and after the pandemic – 5: How does it affect human rights?" webinar will be hosting Prof. Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı, President of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey; Prof. Dr. Turgut Tarhanlı, faculty member of İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law; and human rights activist Zafer Kıraç.
Translating Turkish prose into Armenian: another way of dialogue

Talk show with Aron Aji, Director of MFA in Literary Translation Program at the University of Iowa (USA) and the president of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA). The talk is about literary translation, creativity of translation and its peculiarities, as well as Armenia-Turkey joint literary translation initiatives.

Armenia-Turkey Highlights
Armenia-Turkey Investor Day
Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process is a programme implemented by a consortium of eight civil society organisations including Civilitas Foundation (CF), Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), Public Journalism Club (PJC), Regional Studies Center (RSC) from Armenia; and Anadolu Kültür, the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa), and Hrant Dink Foundation from Turkey.